AC service businesses boom as temperature soars in Muscat

“The demand for AC repair has doubled in recent days and my fellow technicians have been very busy as they have been attending to many AC breakdown calls. Daytime temperatures are too high for the units and proper care is needed,” said Sajid Khan, an AC technician in Muscat. Khan’s advice is to give rest to the air-conditioning units in between. “We advise people to not run their air conditioners continuously. The compressor needs rest to work properly. Keeping AC filters clean is also important.”

Asif Ali, another technician based in Amerat, said there was more than 200 per cent increase in demand for AC repair services especially during the Eid holidays. “We attended to around 40 units a day, as against around 15 units at other times. Sometimes, the problem is quite small but we have to go and check. This is the peak time for our business and we have to be on call,” he said.

Listing out the common complaints, Mohammad Shabir, an AC technician in Ruwi, said, “We get many complaints. While some complaint of inadequate cooling, others complain of breakdowns, bad smell and even water leaks. Summer is at its peak currently and many ACs fail to work well.”

There are some things to be kept in mind if the AC is not cooling properly. “Regular maintenance of air-conditioning units is mandatory to keep them efficient. People should see if they have chosen the capacity of an AC unit according to the room size,” said Shabir.

He also recommends regular servicing of AC units. “Servicing should be done at least twice a year. Regular maintenance can save you a lot of money. Normally AC servicing costs around RO8. Also, frequently replacing or cleaning the air filters in your air conditioner will help increase its efficiency,” said Shabir.