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Electrical services should be handled by a professional. Resfix Technical team can be your electrical specialist that can do the job safely and reliably. Our technicians have long years’ experience, and they arrive ready to work. Handle those tedious tasks from light installations and replacements to the most complicated electrical jobs. Just call resfix technicians for your residential home and commercial repair needs

Experienced resfix team will undertake all domestic and light commercial plumbing whether for new installations, repairs or replacements: We will provide a quotation beforehand and charge on a “per job” basis and not an hourly rate. This way you can be sure in advance of the costs involved. All works are fully guaranteed. Through Resfix app you will get it fixed before it’s too late.

Your air conditioner needs more than regular maintenance, call Resfix a professional service technician to help you. A well-trained technician will find and fix problems in your air conditioning system. Proper cleaning your room air conditioner or remove and store it. Covering the outdoor unit of a central air conditioner will protect the unit from winter weather and debris. Resfix’s team will always give you solution.

Resfix Technicians knows what is expected with a painting or staining job. We pride ourselves on performing your job on time, done right. That’s our mission. So when you bring Resfix Technical in for a painting or staining job, we work hard to bring the level of detail and professionalism that you expect.

How many times have you wished you could just close your eyes and reopen them to find a clean and tidy room, home or office? You can now (almost) do that with the Resfix app. Get the cleaning service providers near you and THEN close your eyes (and believe in your magical powers).

Resfix Technical Services strive in providing quality and affordable carpentry services in Oman. We can help with: Doors – changing doors and replacing door hinges. Flooring – installing new wooden floors. Kitchen units – fitting integrated appliances and assembling kitchen cabinets. Partition walls – removing and moving, for better use of your office space.

There are always bugs and insects into your home or office that can cause inconvenience. Resfix team can help you prevent unwanted guests from ruining your happiness. Resfix app will provide you with recommendations on pest control technicians specialized in your location.

Your refrigerator is an excellent home appliance that keeps food items fresh and makes them imperishable. But sometimes your fridge can fail to absorb moisture or the compressor might decide to calls it quits. With Resfix refrigerator repair services, you can relax as our professionals can fix all refrigerator issues in an instant. Single or double door refrigerator, our refrigerator repair services promise to find right solutions.

Your washing machine is important home appliance which helps in cleans your clothes. This releases you from the difficulties of washing your clothes manually. In case your washing machine breaks down. Call resfix experts to repair and fixing it. We can handle all brand types.

People trust Resfix to repair there microwave in order to eat that tasty and safe food. Our resfix team can repair all types of microwave brands. A microwave is a much needed appliance when you require food that only needs to be heated in time for eating.

Winter or summer season, everyone craves for a hot shower that refreshes you. However, the source of consistent hot water supply can malfunction. Problems can get worse if your geyser remains unattended for a long time. Resfix geyser repair service is there to fix all issues of your geyser. Our geyser service is the best as we check and only after we’re sure of the problem, we apply the right treatment.

Water is important for life. We need clean and safe water. Hence, water purifier is a important appliance and serves as a blessing in disguise as it gives us safe and clean water. This clears germs from drinking water which is good for health and wellbeing. If your water purifier breaks down and you need a quick solution, Resfix team can help in fixing your water purifier.

Gardening is becoming a key part of every home in Oman. There is no harm in cleaning up fallen branches and debris, wait until the soil is no longer wet enough to form a ball in your hand, before walking on it and compacting it. But don't wait too long to start your clean up. It's much easier to cut plants back before the old growth gets tangled up in the new growth. For more on Oman best gardening services, call resfix team.

Television in now key communication tools which have made our lives easier. However, if these devices malfunction, Resfix TV repair service is an expert in solving hardware related issues. Resfix professionals have in-depth knowledge of repair and handle al brand types.

Whether you want to just hire a truck and few men for local shifting or complete professional packing and moving solution for domestic relocation without taking any burden of whole relocation process, you can do that both at very affordable pricing.

You're almost deep clean anything in your house - either chose individual kitchen, washroom, mattress cleaning or go for complete home cleaning. You can go for either vacuum cleaner based regular cleaning or try a steam cleaning which sanitises your place completely using steam machine.Checkout our Tips and FAQs to get more details.

Office and Home CCTV Camera is the best way of enhancing your security. It lets you keep a watchful eye on your office, home, and loved ones, and acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders – sending a clear message that nothing goes unseen at any time.