Remember Aamir Khan had quoted in the movie Three Idiots – “anything that reduces human effort is a machine”. Based on that fact, a microwave certainly is a machine that saves time and energy. From cold meat to leftovers, from tea to cakes, all these items can be placed in the microwave to make it hotter, tastier and delicious.

There are numerous benefits of a microwave. To put it in the right order, here are some advantages of having a microwave that makes food healthy and you healthier.

Microwave saves time

Among the traditional methods of heating food, the quick and easiest way to heat food is putting it inside the microwave. This useful home appliance comes with a timer that allows you to set the right time to heat a particular food or beverage. If you want to drink a glass of warm water, then set the timer for a minute but if you want to delight your senses with some scrumptious cookies, then the ideal time is 30 minutes.

Heating it fast

A microwave heats food faster and in a better way. If you’re craving for yesterday’s leftover pizza, then reheat it and consume it without giving it a second thought. Defrosting frozen food can also be put under tremendous heat in the microwave as it takes less time compared to other home appliances. Tasty popcorns and biscuits too can be heated in the microwave.

Easy to clean

This home appliance can be easily cleaned and maintained. All you need is a clean cotton cloth or a sponge to clean your microwave. If your microwave emits a foul smell, then boil hot water in a bowl with a few drops of lemon juice and your microwave is ready to be used again.

Observe less, relax more

In the kitchen, you have to constantly focus on the pressure cooker or keep an eye on the boiling curry that can spill out anytime. But with the microwave, you just need to set the timer and let it heat, no need to keep a check on it.

Value of life

The life of a microwave depends on how well you clean and maintain it. Even if a problem arises in the microwave, you can book a microwave repair services provider or simply just look out for home remedies on the internet that can help resolve minor problems.