Taj smart offices project unveiled

The first solar-powered building project for smart offices was unveiled at the Grand Hyatt on Sunday. The project, Taj, will feature a variety of latest technologies and high-end specifications, equipped with fast Internet connections. Sheikh Hamad al Harrasi, chairman, Teejan Group of Companies, said, “Teejan has expanded, in terms of activities, business and new subsidiaries and branches across the country. “All companies of Teejan group have had great impact on the nation’s development and have delivered many international standard projects in various sectors. Our success journey and high quality contributions made our brand creative that guarantees utmost professionalism.
The continued achievements of Teejan highlight the great contributions and position of the family companies in the national economy,” he said.
Fawzi al Harrasi, CEO, Teejan Investment and Development said, “The company was inaugurated in 2014 and the new company has been built on the long experience of the Teejan Contracting, spanning several decades. Taj will mark the beginning of a new stage in the real estate sector in Oman. The buildings in the near future will be all about technology. The smart buildings will be a basic demand; and not just an option for some people.”
Fawzi said, “The Taj project is strategically located facing the main the Sultan Qaboos Street in Ghala. “It is a seven-minute drive from Muscat Airport, a five-minute drive from the industrial area and a ten-minute drive from the Opera House and the embassies district. Stretching over 3942sqm, the 13-storey Taj building will have a three-story underground parking for 270 vehicles, reception office, restaurants, cafes, mini market, a bank and other facilities to meet all needs of the employees, customers and visitors.”
Taj will be the first office building in Oman to be equipped with a robot to work as a guide for the visitors. The building will be solar- powered alongside smart lighting and AC systems. All office owners can control the electronic systems at their offices through a smart phone application.
Moreover, Taj has four elevators, special areas at each floor for break and coffee, a business centre equipped with display screens and sound system, a golf court and a spa with jacuzzi and sauna, to name but a few.
Taj will be equipped with the heat reflective glass, suspended ceilings, porcelain and marble for corridors and entrances, special entrance for the handicapped, fire detection devices, male and female toilets at each floor, prayer rooms, and a fountain at the reception area, CCTV cameras and around the clock security.
The internal design provides safety, comfortability; all communications platforms; such as the Internet and the phone lines are made properly to make work easier and ‘smart’.
Taj is a smart project that fulfils the enthusiasm of the ambitious businessmen and employers. The glass façade a allows the natural light to go deep into the building, so the power use is reduced. The office spaces are provided with new technologies to save power.
The piece of art of the building is the interior design of the corridors and entrances, which mixes the heritage with latest trends to create the best environment for the employees.
Construction is planned to start within the next few weeks and continue for three years in row. The project is expected to be delivered early in 2020. Supported by a range of facilities, special packages have been designed for SMEs.
Teejan has businesses spread across over 15 sectors — trading, contracting, engineering, construction, security and safety, furniture, supply of lab equipment, information technology, and virtual and 3D technology. Some of our companies have branches in India, China, UAE and Saudi Arabia.