New luxurious restaurant restaurant complex in Shatti al Qurum, Muscat

The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) is developing a dedicated RO4mn luxurious restaurant complex in Shatti al Qurum, Al Sarooj area which will house top international brands.
Not only will the restaurants be upscale, each will also boast of a dedicated VIP corner, catering to ministries and embassies.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Saleh Khorasanizadeh, business development manager, Shams Development, said, “The aim of the ministry’s project is to have an aesthetically designed and exclusive luxurious restaurant complex. This will come up over a plot of 4,121sq m in Shatti al Qurum, a prime location in Muscat. It will be called Shams Al Sarooj Restaurant Complex.”

The tender for the project was issued in 2014 and 28 firms bid for it. “We were awarded the responsibility to execute the project,” he said. Explaining the project he said, “The concept of this project is to have one complex housing top fine dining restaurants. Operators of each restaurant in this complex should hold an international trademark for service quality and specialisation in the food and beverages served. An international trademark will help in marketing of the restaurants.

“The place where this restaurant complex is to come up is close to the ministries and embassies areas. So, the ministry wanted to have something for VIPs. It had to be completely dedicated to internationally branded restaurants. “There could be between five and seven restaurants which will be based in this complex. Shams Development will be the investor and manage these restaurants.”

He said that the contract with MoT is for 50 years. “They have rented out this plot for 50 years. We have to pay them annual rent. After 50 years, the contract will be renewed but the rent will be adjusted as per the market rates. Right now, we have finished the design and waiting for building permit from the Muscat Municipality. We are expected to finish this project by 2019.”

The height of this complex has been restricted to 14m. “Not all restaurants have private dining spaces for VIPs. Embassies and ministries receive guests every now and then. In this complex every restaurant will have a dedicated VIP section. The complex will have four floors including the ground floor and a basement parking area which will also have a dedicated VIP parking slot.”

Source : Muscat Daily